Having been a huge Pilates fan for many years, I have been asked many many times what it is and why people should do it.

So, here’s why.

Pilates is a system of exercises that is designed to help return our bodies to functioning as closely to how they were designed to move as possible.  

It’s about creating efficient movement to improve our life.

We all develop bad habits, poor posture, imbalances, and have injuries over time.  Our jobs, our sports, our lifestyle, laziness, etc. creep in and adjust our movement and physical balance.

Think about a car.  There are may moving parts and everything has to work properly to keep that car working well.  If something goes wrong or isn’t well taken care of, it starts to lose efficiency.  If that isn’t discovered or is ignored for a while, the car starts to develop damage from the piece(s) that aren’t working exactly as they should.

And then…one day, it starts making an awful noise or just stops working.  Ugh!  You take it to your mechanic, and there are now 10 things wrong.  UGH!

And it all started with that one little piece being just slightly out of place.

This is how our bodies are too – things get out of place and wear over time.

And, we have the added component of our brain.  When things in our body are off, our brain reacts.  We get irritable, tired, and less alert.

Not to mention, the rest of our body is trying to adapt to this misalignment, so it’s extra tired because so many things are not working efficiently.  And, all of that compensation for the misalignment can cause other problems and compound our issues.

Each step we take toward that proper function can restore some of our energy, mental focus, and good attitude.  Not to mention prevent further injuries.

This is why Pilates can help everyone.

Because of the damage done, we may not be able to find proper function again, but the closer we get, the better we feel.  And, we find that feeling “normal” wasn’t so normal.

We can feel so much better than we thought we could.

So, try Pilates and find out why Joseph Pilates titled his book “Return to Life”.