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About us

Breathing. Concentration. Control. Centering. Precision.
Balanced Muscle Development. 
Whole Body Movement. Flow. Relaxation.

Using these principles, taken from the method developed by Joseph Pilates, your workouts will be more effective and efficient without wrecking your body.  You will find increased strength, flexibility, confidence, and power with less pain while improving your balance, posture, and overall health.
Whether you are an athlete, new to exercise, have special needs, or anywhere in between, we will design a program to meet your needs and help you discover how much better you can feel and move.

We offer private sessions and a variety of small-group specialty classes, all based on the Pilates principles, so that there's something for everyone and options to mix up your workouts.  Fitness should be fun, safe, and empowering.  No class is ever the same - each session and class is tailored to the student(s).  We never have scripts or choreographed classes.

Our sessions and classes are taught by certified, professional teachers, who all practice Pilates regularly.  They will demonstrate as needed, but spend the majority of the session and class time offering verbal and tactile cues to help you work out smarter and more safely.

Our studio is a supportive and accepting community.  We are extra encouraging on those rough days, and we celebrate your successes as you work toward the best version of yourself.

Hilary Rogers, owner/master teacher

Hilary has been a student of the Pilates method since 1997, studying the classical and contemporary styles of Pilates as well as other types of movement that focus on proper function and balanced strength.

She discovered Pilates to help with low back pain when working too many hours at a desk as a recruiter for a top management consulting firm.  She enjoyed the challenge, precision, concentration, and results of the method.  In 2002, she left the corporate world to follow her passion for Pilates and share better movement with others.
She was certified to teach Pilates by the physical therapists and Pilates faculty at Center Studio Pilates in Burbank, CA.
She has since studied under and worked with Pilates instructors from varied backgrounds as well as chiropractors, physical therapists, acupuncturists, and medical doctors in Southern California, the Chicagoland area, and the Sacramento area.

She became a Nationally Certified Pilates Teacher (formerly PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher) in 2006, a Master Trainer for Balanced Body® in 2008, was certified as a Second Generation Pilates Teacher by Lolita San Miguel in 2013 (Lolita is one of two people Joseph Pilates officially certified to teach his method), and was certified as a Functional Range Conditioning mobility specialist (FRCms) in 2018.  She brings compassion, understanding, and excitement to her sessions and classes - wanting to help everyone learn how much better they can feel and how much more they can do than they thought they could.

Hilary has lived in the Sacramento area since 2009.  When she's not at the studio, she's enjoying time with her husband, young son, and two corgis.


Diana O’Brian, Senior Teacher

Diana (pronounced dee-Ah-na) was a student athlete at LMU and graduated with a B.S. in Pre- Physical Therapy. She first became introduced to Pilates while working at a Physical Therapy clinic, where she witnessed a strong need for patients to continue their rehabilitation exercises beyond their limited number of visits. At the time, Diana was experiencing health challenges of her own, which lead her down an alternative path to healing and health. She has been able to heal herself of an autoimmune disease without the use of any western drugs. Pilates was the only form of exercise she could do at the time, and so she is very passionate about meeting clients where they are at with whatever body challenges they may be experiencing. She truly believes with attention and care the body can heal itself. Movement is healing; and pilates provides such a safe and effective way to keep the body moving throughout the aging process, injury, and all kinds of circumstances.

Her certifications include: 
Body Arts and Science International Comprehensive Pilates Instructor
Certified Holistic Health and Lifestyle Coach
200hr Prana Vinyasa Yoga Teacher
Yin Yoga Instructor
Marma Point Therapy
Ayurvedic Health Counselor
Reiki Master

Nadia Kull, Senior Teacher

Nadia began her Pilates Method journey in 2007, starting as a student and soon after choosing the path to study and instruct.
She started after incurring an Achilles’ tendon injury during marathon training; turning to Pilates versus surgery for rehabilitation. In time came the realization that this practice was life changing, and she decided to pursue her certification through the PhysicalMind Institute . Prior to this, Nadia spent over 20 years in the corporate world. During that time, she was a successful Sales and Marketing Executive for Fortune 1000 companies. She also worked for a well known motivational speaker, traveling worldwide helping people work on self-empowerment.
Since her initial training Nadia has gone on to become a PMA Certified Pilates teacher; complete the Balanced Body teacher training program; complete TRX qualification training, and attend numerous ongoing conferences and workshops.
She has a Bachelor of Science in both Biology and Business Administration, graduating from the University of Illinois Circle Campus and Elmhurst College respectively.

Nadia views her position as a Pilates instructor as a culmination of all the things she is passionate about in her life. It encompasses human anatomy, relationship building with clientele, and helping to motivate them with their health and fitness goals.. .. She finds that all these prior experiences benefit her instruction. Her students say she has a unique mix, blending her knowledge of biomechanics, personal interaction and a visual style of teaching...all with a touch of levity!

Nadia relocated from the Chicago area mid 2017 to El Dorado Hills with her husband, two daughters and their pet menagerie.

Cindy Barnhill, Teacher

Cindy is a licensed Physical Therapist and a PMA certified Pilates instructor. She is trained in Stott mat and reformer and completed the Polestar Comprehensive Rehabilitation Program in 2016. She is a breast cancer survivor and is certified in The Pink Ribbon Program.

Dan Rogers, Teacher

Dan’s love of movement started with Kung Fu movies on Saturdays as a child and continued through sports and martial arts until high school.

After wandering through several colleges Dan decided to go fly airplanes. After almost two decades of being locked in a tiny room for hours at a time, he became tight and stiff with frequent low back pain. After a several years of stretching, yoga, and lacrosse balls without much progress Dan found Functional Range Conditioning® and Kinstretch®. Noticeable improvement in his movement and a decrease in back pain lead him to want to share these techniques with others and help those who may be having similar problems.
Dan is an FRCms and is Level 1 Kinstretch certified.  He will be pursuing certification in pilates as well, so that he can help even more people.
When at home, Dan enjoys spending time with his wife, son, and dogs and he also enjoys reading.

Katie Brown, Teacher

Kelli McElravy, Teacher

Kelli is a certified Pilates instructor trained in the classical method and is enthusiastic about incorporating a variety of modern methods as well. She has extensive dance training in ballet, tap, jazz, and gymnastics, and she spent ten years as the choreographer for the spring musicals at the Black Box Theater for San Jose unified school district. Her passion for teaching and movement has lead her to pursue a career in Pilates, and she is excited to share that passion with you.

"[the Method] strengthens the mind and body and uplifts the spirit" - Joseph Pilates

Mary Stabbert, Teacher

Mary has been teaching Pilates for over seven years. She completed her course training through Balanced Body University and continues to be mentored by Hilary Rogers. After falling in love with instructing group classes and private clients, Mary also took interest in barre work. She was certified in the Booty Barre method five years ago. Mary is passionate about impacting lives through movement. Pilates and barre have become an exciting way for her to connect with people and move better together. Mary lives in Orangevale with her husband, son, and baby girl.

Melissa Pruden, Teacher

Melissa is a Northern California native. She graduated from Sacramento State University with honors in International Communications and worked for over a decade in corporate IT, where she met and married her fabulous husband.  Two beautiful children later, Melissa was looking to return to the athleticism of her youth and fell in love with barre and Pilates as a way to condition her body and mind. Melissa's training is through Pilates Sports Center and she has three years experience in teaching alignment-based group fitness.  Melissa's love for teaching is validated each time the light bulb comes on for a client - whether it is a verbal cue that particularly resonates, an increased awareness through mind-body connection, or an exercise that had been previously unattainable that can finally be accomplished!  

"The body benefits from movement and the mind benefits from stillness." -S. Mipham.  Through Pilates, we find both!