From Nick…

One of my favorite level one exercises is the Stomach Massage flow. It’s a primal exercise that is difficult to master, but provides plenty of strengthening and stretching along the way. We call it Stomach Massage because it’s an internal massage of the organs and a internal shower of the lymphatic system. Basically, it helps detox the body through natural motions.
There are a few poses of the spine in the series; from flexion to extension of the spine. These positions help strengthen each individual muscle that supports the spine from head to toe.
Some of the muscles being utilized are the Achilles’ tendon, hamstrings, Glutes, hip flexors, the stomach, and the back muscles. These muscles are postural supporting muscles and are very important in relieving lower back pain.
The set up on the Reformer is home position with the footbar. Springs are low to medium resistance (2-3 springs). Clients with lower back injuries and sciatic nerve pain should modify to a lower setting on the footbar and spring resistance.