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See what our clients are saying…

“Hilary is a talented expert!  I was a student of hers for a few years before training under her to become an Instructor.  Hilary has trained from the very best and will provide you with techniques to help you reach whatever goals you may have.  She has an unmatched enthusiasm for teaching and she will always find ways to challenge you at all levels.  I am always proud to say that Hilary has been a large part of my Pilates training.  She is surely one of the best and you will definitely benefit from taking classes from her!”
– Jose Arcilla, Pilates Instructor

Hilary Rogers helped rehabilitate my body after I was in a terrible bus accident, breaking over 40 bones, including all of my ribs.

Whether in private sessions, reformer/tower classes with 7 other students, or mat classes with more than 20 practitioners, she related to all of us.  Oh yes, and I have limited vision to see my Pilates instructors.
Hilary’s sessions, either private or a class, are fun and energetic.  I left her sessions feeling more energized than when I went in.  Hilary’s understanding of the Pilates movement principles, makes the most difficult exercises seem simple – a rare gift indeed!

Whether you want to move better in your day-to-day life or do your sport better (swimming, cycling, running, etc.), Hilary will be happy to help you reach your goals.  Hilary cared enough about me to help me rehabilitate and take me through the Pilates Certification program – she will help you reach your goals too!

To my caring instructor, thank you so much for everything we have been through during this 6-year journey!”
– Rich Holcomb, World Triathlon Championship finisher, Kona Hawaii

I’ve had the chance to take a few different pilates classes with Hilary, and every class has been challenging and yet I had the ability to modify as I needed. And, more importantly, I could modify without feeling embarrassed about where I am at on a fitness level, because we are all different!! Hilary’s knowledge of the body allows her the ability to explain how muscle groups are engaged in a particular move and this is so important to help strength and prevent injury. She is supportive in every class, yet she makes you work hard to get the most out of class, and to make sure you are seeing and feeling the results!  I would recommend her and her studio to anyone curious about Pilates, at any fitness level.
– Kelly C.

Whether you are new to Pilates or are experienced, you won’t find a better trainer than Hilary Rogers. She brings to her training a special relationship and understanding of her clients.

I have multiple sclerosis accompanied by 24/7 intractable pain, as well as many other troublesome symptoms.  Another serious issue for me is severe osteoporosis.  Pilates is one of the best exercise regimes for people with this condition.

Hilary has worked out training exercises that help me be able to work out safely and keep my sense of humor in the face of profound health problems.  She has an impressive knowledge of the human body, its mechanics, and what works for every client.

Should you decide to participate at Hilary’s studio, either in a class or privately, you will not be disappointed.  Her kindness, knowledge, enthusiasm and commitment to her clients is remarkable.
– Jan Wiesenfeld

“I first contacted Hilary Rogers on July 4 of 2014. I had recently been diagnosed with an inguinal hernia and the medical doctors had offered no plan for recovery. The medical opinion given was that once a hernia starts there’s no going back, and the only remedy is surgery when the hernia eventually becomes a more serious problem. I couldn’t accept that. After conducting some research online, I learned that Pilates had been effective method of treatment for a number of people. I looked up Pilates instructors and among others found Hilary’s facebook page. At the first private lesson- approximately an hour-long session – I learned the foundations of Pilates and a few key exercises to do at home. What I learned most of all, however, was that Pilates is not just an exercise or strengthening regimen; rather, it’s a way of life and a lesson in how one can carry oneself. It’s mindfulness of your body and how you interact with the world. Hilary also noted my posture was atrocious (my words, not hers) and that the severe pain I had developed in my back could be remedied through Pilates. I diligently practiced my handful of exercises, tried to lift up my posture, and, most importantly, be mindful of how I was using my body, especially when picking up my growing son. Fast forward about two months and I was back to running, sleeping, sitting, and picking up my son with next to no pain. A month or so later after that and I had no pain when running or working out. Additional sessions with Hilary have served to strengthen my body and mind even more. A thousand thanks to Hilary for freeing me of pain and giving me strength and knowledge to continue my life and activities.”
– Tyler S.

I love Pilates and have been taking private and group classes for several years now from the Bay Area to Folsom. Hilary is the best instructor – she’s skilled, smart, in tune with her clients, and leads a first-rate workout. I experience an incredible connection between visualizing and executing her exercises from start to finish and always come away inspired and motivated.
– Rita G