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Group Class Schedule
Class schedule and teachers are subject to change.
As our classes are outdoors, they are subject to cancellation for weather.

NOTE: At this time, we only have reformer classes and the schedule changes weekly.
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Pilates is a method of exercise created by Joseph Pilates (1883-1967) based on proper alignment and function of the body - the concept is simple, but don't mistake that for easy!  To achieve these things, one must develop core strength, overall strength, breath, balanced movement, body awareness, stability, and flexibility.  There are over 500 classical Pilates exercises (created by Mr. Pilates) and countless contemporary variations of them.  We offer sessions and classes on the mat and on Pilates equipment such as the reformer and wunda chair.  The equipment adds additional assistance, challenge, and variety to workouts, while the mat work is challenging because it's all about your strength, stability, and flexibility without assistance.

Pilates' focus on core strength and the mind-body connection builds an awareness of our body like nothing else.  It teaches us how to use and support our bodies better.  It can also help:

  • free up tension/holding patterns from old injuries or bad posture
  • improve posture, alignment, and flexibility to prevent further injuries and minimize pain
  • make joints healthier
  • increase coordination and balance
  • teach us to trust our body
  • build muscle tone and develop a long, lean appearance
  • balance movement and musculature, and
  • strengthen the deep, supportive muscles to achieve better overall function.

Experience why many athletes, sports teams, singers, actors, models, and every day people swear by Pilates and Pilates-based exercise to feel better, perform better, and look better.  Start your journey today!

You must have prior reformer experience or take a private session before taking a Reformer class (we offer low-cost introductory private sessions to fill this prerequisite).


Barre (pronounced like "bar") is a mixture of ballet, Pilates, yoga, and good old-fashioned strength training.  It is a high-energy, heart-pumping workout focused on core strength, balance, posture, alignment, and flexibility.  Your abs, arms, butt, and legs will get plenty of attention.  You'll see results quickly with our fast-paced, fun, and sweaty barre classes.
No prerequisites and no dance experience necessary (you don't need to be really flexible either!).  We will offer guidance and modifications as needed for all limitations.


Bodhi is a four-point suspension training system on which we do exercises leveraging your bodyweight and gravity to build strength, joint stability, flexibility, and balance.  Bodhi introduces an unstable element, providing the extra challenge of finding stability and mobility in each exercise.  It is also adjustable, so you can easily change the difficulty level of an exercise to suit your needs.  The ropes provide a gentle surface to work with that can help even the most injured people achieve more than they thought they could.  And, for those wanting maximum challenge, with Bodhi's four-points of suspension, you can fully suspend your body or invert for extra fun!
Bodhi sessions and classes are a full-body workout, appropriate for all fitness levels.  No prerequisites.


MOTR may look like an ordinary roller, but it is way MOre Than a Roller!  In addition to the roller, it has a detachable extension arm with variable resistance cords to create an exciting and diverse workout that challenges you in a whole new way.  It will help you build strength, challenge your balance and agility, and enhance your proprioception.
Each MOTR session and class is a full-body strength and cardio workout appropriate for all fitness levels.  No prerequisites.


FRC® is a system designed to identify and build mobility needs based on your lifestyle and movement desires.  In other words, we use it to specifically identify where you need to be more bendy and strong to do the stuff you want to do.  Then we use it to build that range actively so that it is usable - it's not just passive flexibility.  And because we're looking at individual ranges of motion, this method is great for anyone at any fitness level.  

KinStretch is the group class piece of this method.  It is focused on building strength in your short- and end-ranges while maintaining and building range of motion in the places you need it most.  

There is no prerequisite for KinStretch classes.  

Our KinStretch classes are scheduled month-to-month - please contact us for the current month's schedule.