Meditation?!?  Sometimes that word is really intimidating.

Most days there’s no way that I’m going to sit still for longer than about 2 minutes without falling asleep or getting up to get something done.  And quiet freaks me out.

But we all know the amazing health benefits of meditation…we’ve seen articles about it for years.

And I keep trying.  I’m often not successful in the traditional way.  But, here’s how I make it work for me.

Years ago, I participated in a program that was about mindfulness.  Most of us lost a little bit of weight, slept better, found a bit more daily peace, and learned a lot about ourselves.  There was nothing more to it than paying attention to how things made us feel and then choosing to do things that made us feel good and were in line with our priorities and goals.

One of the best things I learned in this program is that for me, most days meditation needed to be active.  The program creator suggested that I just needed to do enough exercise to “get out of my head”.

Some days, it took 5 minutes.

Other days, it took over an hour.

But, I always felt more focused and calm when I was done.

Many of the benefits I had seen people list as those of meditation, I found in movement.  So, I realized that movement can be my meditation.

Now, I understand that there are additional benefits to stillness and meditating quietly.  But, movement is a good place to start and great for those days that still and quiet just isn’t going to happen.

So, if like me, you struggle with stillness and quiet, try movement as your meditation.  Go for a walk, a run, a ride, do some Pilates (ahem!), some yoga, or whatever movement you enjoy.  But, do enough of it to get yourself to stop thinking so much and just be in the moment.

It makes life better.