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New to our studio?

Welcome to the PILATES twist!

 We are a movement studio dedicated to helping people feel better through movement.  All of our sessions and classes are based in the Pilates method, and we have a variety of fun options for you.  The best way to learn more about us is to visit the studio!  We would love to meet you to discuss your fitness needs and answer your questions.  We will also introduce you to our equipment and schedule your first session or class.  We know that with all of the springs and straps, the equipment can look a little scary, but it's really quite simple and fun to play on.  Just give us a call, and we will reserve a time for your visit so you can have our full attention.  There's no pressure to buy - we just want you to be able to make an informed decision.  We strongly believe that Pilates and Pilates-inspired workouts can help most people, but we know that it's not everyone's cup of tea.

In the meantime, here is some information so you know what to expect and how to get started:
* We are a supportive, inclusive community of people who love to move and believe it should be fun, effective, efficient, and safe.  You should feel great after your workout!
* All of our sessions and classes are 55 minutes long.
* Our class size is limited to 6 for equipment classes (temporarily 4 as we reopen after COVID-19 closure) and 12 for mat and barre classes (we don't have these on our schedule temporarily).  We keep our class size small so that you get the attention you deserve and require to have the best workout possible. 
* Our teachers are all certified, professional movement teachers.  We have been through rigorous training and testing for Pilates in addition to each extra piece of equipment or class we teach.

Private sessions.
During your first private session, we will have you fill out a health history form and discuss your injuries, limitations, and/or conditions.  We will then assess your fitness level, posture/alignment, and explore your goals and how we can help you achieve them.  We will introduce you to the equipment and the basic Pilates and/or FRC® principles.  Then, you will move through some exercises to get a taste of what Pilates/Bodhi™/MOTR™ feels like.  The pace is slower and there is more discussion in a first session than in subsequent sessions so that we can ensure we understand what you want and need.  We can then create an appropriate and safe program for you.

Beyond the first session, the pace picks up and you will spend the sessions moving and working toward your goals with guidance from your teacher.  We begin with a brief discussion of how you feel that day and any new issues you may have.  After that discussion, every session is different.  Your teacher will create a session specifically for you using exercises on a variety of equipment that will help you work toward your short- and long-term goals.

Group classes.
All of our classes take you through a full-body workout, using various types of equipment to provide different challenges.  Your teacher will take you through a warm-up, progressions of exercises, and a cool down.  You can expect your teacher to be walking around and making corrections throughout the class, helping you make that little adjustment that makes a world of difference in how effective and challenging the exercise is.

Not sure what to start with? 
First, we recommend that you start with at least one private session to begin learning the Pilates principles in the fastest, most effective way.  During this session, we will also discuss your needs and assess your fitness level so we can give you guidance on what sessions and/or classes will best suit your needs, schedule, and budget.  If you want, we can also design an at-home program for you to supplement your sessions and classes to help you create a consistent movement practice so that you can get the best results.

Beyond that, here are some suggestions:
* If you are looking for workouts designed to meet specific needs and help you achieve particular goals, or if you just want your teacher's full attention, we recommend private sessions.

* If you have active injuries or ongoing conditions/limitations, we recommend private sessions.  Our teachers are happy to work with your health practitioner, if appropriate, to make sure your workouts are as safe and effective as possible.
Or, start with a few private sessions and then take group classes after you learn how to modify the exercises appropriately for your body.

* If you are generally healthy and want a great workout at a low cost, try any of our group classes.

* If you are new to Pilates, try an introductory package to get some low-cost one-on-one time with a teacher to learn about the Pilates principles in more detail, learn about the equipment, and fulfill the reformer/circuit class prerequisite. 

How often should I do Pilates or Pilates-based exercise?  
For optimal health, you need to exercise most days.  Our sessions and classes are a great opportunity to do this!  We recommend 2-4 sessions and/or classes per week.  Consistency is the key.  You need to create a habit that you will keep for the long-term.

We understand that family and work obligations, schedules, and budgets don't always allow you to come to the studio as often as you'd like.  If you can only come once a week, we recommend taking a few private sessions where we can create a program for you to do at home.  That way, you can do some of your practice at home and keep up your Pilates body.

What to wear.
Wear comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict your movement.  It doesn't have to be stylish or even match, it just has to allow you to move freely.  (And please wear appropriate undergarments!)

Go barefoot or wear socks.  If you prefer to wear socks, we highly recommend socks with grip on the bottoms for safety.  You can also wear athletic shoes for Bodhi and MOTR - minimalist shoes work best if you choose to wear shoes.

Signing up is easy!
Just click here to schedule a class online, call us at (916) 936-4520, or send us an email at info@thepilatestwist.com to request your session or class.

Do you have more questions?  Check out our FAQ's or give us a call at (916) 936-4520.


Make sure you take advantage of our first-time student deals!  

  • Buy one, get one free group class on your first visit.
  • For those who want to do equipment classes but haven't used the reformer before:
    1 private session + 2 reformer/equipment classes - $75
    3 private sessions + 2 reformer/equipment classes - $165