I’ve been seeing a meme on Facebook all week that talks about starting a gym called “Resolutions” – it would be a gym for January and a bar the rest of the year.

I kind of grumble when I see this because it’s all so true.  Too many people make New Year’s Resolutions and drop them within the first 2 months (I’ve seen 92% as a solid statistic).

It’s crazy.

I’ve never been one to make New Year’s Resolutions, really.  And this year, I’ve noticed something.  After a couple of holiday months with abnormal schedules, my house torn apart to accommodate the holiday decorations and new toys my son accumulated, and perceived excuses to eat a lot of food, I am just happy to have my life return to “normal”.  I’ve just finished putting decorations away, finding homes for the new toys, “finished” the laundry, and did my meal plan for the week.  It feels great!

I see this time of year as the return to a routine – and it’s a great time to adjust that routine to match your priorities and make that your new “normal”.  Because, really, consistency is critical to most of the changes people want to make.  Especially those changes that involve our health.

We make a lot of choices all day, every day that either support the change or work against it.

I’ve written a lot the past couple of months about being kind to yourself, which in times of higher stress and upheaval often means focusing on allowing some space to take breaks and not beat yourself up about poor choices.  But, now that we’re past the holidays, it’s time to get back to our routines and adjust them to meet our health goals so that we stay consistent.

Focus on consistently making choices that work toward your goals – choose healthy food over junk, choose to move instead of sit, choose to go to bed instead of staying up to watch tv, choose to workout hard enough every day to “get out of your head”, choose to drink a good amount of water, etc.

Set yourself up for success!  

Book your workouts ahead of time and put them on your calendar (our scheduling software integrates with many calendar programs to automatically put your scheduled classes on your calendar!), plan your meals and snacks so that healthy food is convenient, keep a bottle of water close, and set your bedtime.

Making any change is a journey, not one decision.  We must be consistent to make the change happen.