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Is The Pilates Twist right for me?
We would love the opportunity to explore that with you!

We are a fully-equipped Pilates, Barre, Bodhi™, MOTR™, and FRC® studio with expert instructors.  We offer private sessions for those who want learn faster and have extra attention.  We also offer a variety of small-group classes for those who enjoy the group energy and want a lower-cost option.  We also offer Bodhi and MOTR teacher training, support for Pilates student teachers, and continuing education workshops and classes for Pilates/movement teachers and enthusiasts.

Our session and class experience is specialized to the person or group we are teaching.  We do not teach scripted or choreographed sessions or classes.  We keep our class size small, and we design and adjust the session/class to work with the skill level, injuries, conditions, and limitations of the student(s) so that their needs are addressed.  We provide guidance through movement to help our students move better, achieve fitness goals, and stay healthy and active longer.

Our owner is a second-generation Pilates teacher (certified by Lolita San Miguel, one of two people officially certified by Joseph Pilates to teach his method), a Balanced Body® Master Trainer, a PMA® Certified Pilates Teacher, an FRCms, and has extensive experience teaching movement.  Our teachers have varied backgrounds and experience, and we are all students of movement, passionate about sharing it with others.  Check out our teacher profiles for more details about each of our backgrounds and expertise.

How are The Pilates Twist's classes different than the classes at the gym or my DVD?

Pilates is more than just moving through the choreography of the exercises - the devil is in the details, so to speak.  To truly reap the maximum benefits of Pilates, you need a well-trained teacher giving you feedback, cueing you to find greater depth, correcting your alignment, and answering your questions.  Our teachers have gone through rigorous training and have years of experience teaching Pilates and other types of movement.  Our training and experience along with our small class size allows us to emphasize details and quality of movement.  The extra attention we give our students provides a better opportunity for you to make progress and see the results you want than a large group class or DVD would.

What style of Pilates does The Pilates Twist offer?

We teach both contemporary and classical Pilates styles.  Most of our classes are taught in the contemporary style. 

Regardless of style, we design each session and class based on the needs and goals of the student(s).  We love to see you work hard and want you to learn how to move better.  We also understand that people learn differently - we will work with you to find what is most effective for you.  We can break things down to a basic level so you can learn the fundamental concepts before applying them to larger exercises.  Or, we can teach the fundamental concepts through repetition of larger exercises, jumping into the exercises and improving the quality through small corrections over time.  Or anything in between. 

Who is Pilates for?   I've heard it's just for dancers.  Can men do it?  I've heard it's too easy.

Pilates is for everyone!  Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates (a former gymnast and boxer) to help people stay functional, strong, and healthy in order to live long, enjoyable lives.  The reputation that Pilates developed as being for dancers came about because Mr. Pilates' studio was near the New York City Ballet, and he helped some of the dancers recover from injuries.  After Mr. Pilates passed away, it was a handful of those dancers who carried his work on and built its popularity.  It has now become an integral part of conditioning for many athletes, sports teams, actors, singers, models, and everyday people - men and women, old and young alike.

And, if you think it's easy, you're doing something wrong.

What can Pilates and Pilates-based exercise do for me?

It will change the way you move.  Improve strength, stamina, stability, flexibility, and balance with less pain and risk of injury.

It will change the way you feel.  Correcting misalignments, creating better movement, and being present in the moment can improve your energy level and mood, sharpen your mental focus, reduce stress and pain, increase productivity, and bring you a sense of empowerment.

After a session or class, most people say they feel taller and stretched out with a sense of physical freedom and mental clarity.

It will change the way you look.  Improving your posture and muscle tone reshapes your body - you can regain lost height from poor posture and develop flatter abs, a slimmer waist, and toned arms and legs.  Plus, the cardiovascular challenge of barre and MOTR also helps with weight loss.

How do I get the best results?

Good health is a lifelong journey.  The only way to achieve it and keep it is to consistently exercise and eat well.  You need some sort of exercise most days to stay healthy, and incorporating our sessions and classes into your routine is a great way to get that exercise and stay motivated.  We recommend taking sessions and/or classes 2-4 times each week and integrating Pilates principles into your daily life.  

Let us help you create an exercise habit that will keep you engaged, feeling great, seeing results, and wanting more.

Why take private sessions?

Working one-on-one with a teacher is the most effective way to achieve your fitness goals and discover the benefits of Pilates.  You will learn the basic skills faster and better than you can in a group setting.  Your imbalances and development needs will be addressed directly in every session.  You will have your teacher's full attention and they will structure sessions specifically to suit your situation and learning style.  They will guide you with verbal and tactile cues toward your ideal movement and a healthier body.

If you are new to exercise, overcoming an injury, preparing for surgery, or dealing with chronic pain, private sessions are essential for you to learn the Pilates principles correctly and understand how to modify movement appropriately for your body.  

What is a private session like?

During your first session, we will have you fill out a health history form and discuss your injuries, limitations, and/or conditions.  We will then assess your fitness level, posture/alignment, and explore your goals and how we can help you achieve them.  We will introduce you to the equipment and the basic Pilates and/or FRC principles.  Then, you will move through some exercises to get a taste of what Pilates/Bodhi/MOTR/FRC feels like.  The pace is slower and there is more discussion in a first session than in subsequent sessions so that we can ensure we understand what you want and need.  We can then create an appropriate and safe program for you.

Beyond the first session, the pace picks up and you will spend the sessions moving and working toward your goals with guidance from your teacher.  We begin with a brief discussion of how you feel that day and any new issues you may have.  After that discussion, every session is different.  Your teacher will create a session specifically for you using exercises on a variety of equipment that will help you work toward your short- and long-term goals.

Are there prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for private sessions or mat and barre classes.  

We require that you have previous reformer experience or take a private session before participating in reformer classes (we offer low-cost introductory private sessions to fill this prerequisite).   

This requirement is for your safety.  You need to be familiar with the equipment and basic Pilates principles before taking a reformer class.  If you have some previous experience with the equipment, we would like to ensure you know how to use the specific models of equipment we have in the studio and discuss the studio's policies with you (this may or may not require paid sessions depending on your level of experience). 

Do you have any new client specials?

On your first visit, we offer buy one, get one free group classes

If you need an introductory private session to fill the prerequisite for equipment classes, we offer:
1 private session + 2 equipment classes for $75
3 private sessions + 2 equipment classes for $165 

How does Pilates help with back pain?  Why did my doctor recommend it to help me?

Pilates' focus on deep core strength and the mind-body connection allows people to become more aware of their body and how to support it properly in daily activities.  It also helps to retrain faulty movement patterns that overstress the spine.  The increased awareness and strength Pilates builds helps improve posture and decompress the spine, which can decrease back pain and help prevent further injury.

How does Pilates help other physical/medical conditions?

As with back pain, Pilates' focus on deep core strength and the mind-body connection builds an awareness of our body like nothing else and teaches us how to support it better.  It can:

  • help free up tension/holding patterns from bad posture, old injuries or traumas
  • promote proper movement to prevent further injuries and minimize pain
  • teach us to trust our body
  • improve stability and flexibility
  • balance movement and musculature
  • access and strengthen the deep, supportive muscles, and
  • build new neural pathways to achieve better function.

There is evidence of Pilates improving scoliosis (congenital and functional), osteopenia and osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, autoimmune conditions (e.g. multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, rheumatoid arthritis), among many other conditions.  It is also often used to strengthen muscles in preparation for and recovery from hip and knee replacements, rotator cuff repairs, spinal surgeries, abdominal surgeries, etc.

What do I wear?

Wear comfortable clothing that doesn't restrict your movement.  It doesn't have to be stylish or even match, it just has to allow you to move freely.  (And please wear appropriate undergarments!)

Go barefoot or wear socks.  If you prefer to wear socks, we highly recommend socks with grip on the bottoms for safety.  You can also wear athletic shoes for Bodhi and MOTR - minimalist shoes work best if you choose to wear shoes.

How do I sign up?

Signing up is easy!  Click here to sign up online, call us at (916) 936-4520, or send us an email at info@thepilatestwist.com to request your session or class.