Who doesn’t love a chance to celebrate?!  Especially when we’re celebrating ourselves, our strength, our beauty, our accomplishments, and our powerful bodies!

Benjamin Degenhardt started March MATness in 2013 as a way to liven up his social media accounts, and it took off!  Now, people from around the world participate – it’s become a THING.

rolling scotty

(Scotty wanted to show off his Rolling Like a Ball)

Here’s how it works:

There are 34 original Pilates mat exercises, so starting March 1, we post pictures of each of the exercises (combining a few to make it fit in the month, of course!) in the original sequence.  One for each day, starting with the first exercise – The Hundred.  For each day, we post pictures of a particular exercise using #marchMATness2016 to join the crowd and share with the world.

These pictures are not, I repeat NOT, about having the perfect teaser or rollover.  They are about celebrating our own practice…whatever that looks like…whatever we look like.  The beauty of this is that we all are different sizes and shapes with different strengths and issues.  And all of our bodies are powerful!  They are all beautiful!

Now, I know it can be intimidating to put yourself out there on social media.  But, from experience, I will tell you that it’s empowering to see yourself doing something fantastic.  Check out the most talked about series from last year…Anula Maiberg from Sixth Street Pilates in New York…it might not be what you expect…and it’s amazing.  And you can see others by searching #marchmatness2015 on Instagram.

So, join the fun!  We’ll be taking pictures in the studio all month…sign up and celebrate yourself, your practice, and your beauty.