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Overall Fitness

Give yourself a time out!

Following on last week’s blog about being kind to yourself, give yourself a time out this week.  The holidays are such a wonderful time of year, but there are so many extra things to get done, family to deal with, and events to attend. Do you feel the anxiety building?  Like you want to yell […]


The Truth We Don’t Like To Hear

How do you lose weight? Get healthy? Be more energetic? Have you tried it all?  Fad diets, doing endless exercises you loathe, and taking mysterious pills. Have you realized yet that you’re doing all of those things to ignore the answer we all know but don’t want to accept? The ONLY way to truly be […]


When you’re thinking about ditching your workout…

We all have those days. The days when you really just don’t want to workout.  The days where you’re too tired or too busy or both.  Or you just don’t feel like it. You know you’ll feel better if you do.  You know you’ll be proud of yourself if you do (or at least not […]


How much do you really need to exercise?

An hour a day?  Three days a week?  Most days? I’ve been in the fitness industry for a long time, and I’ve seen many, many different answers to this question.  So, let me break it down for you…it depends on what your goals are. Did that clear things up? I didn’t think so.  But, it’s […]


What is the “CORE”?

The word “CORE” (used in a fitness context) is one of my biggest pet peeves. It became a big buzz word years ago. Everyone needed to strengthen their “CORE”. But, what exactly is your “CORE”?  Most people don’t know.  They know it refers to the middle of the body.  But, ask for specifics, and they […]