In my 20’s, I had a friend who was so smart and talented with a ton of interests and ideas of how to turn them into successful businesses that could help a lot of people.


He was so scared of failing that he never tried any of them.  He was so paralyzed by this fear that he kept a job he hated, never committed to a relationship, and didn’t even keep friends for long.

And he wondered why he was unhappy.

He spent hours reading self-help books, and he spent thousands of dollars on a therapist.  And although they identified his fear, he refused to even try to overcome it.

Now, I know that things in life can be uncomfortable and scary.  But, that’s really where the magic happens in life.  That discomfort when we push ourselves and take risks is where we grow – whether we succeed or fail.  If we’re willing to try and learn from whatever happens.

And this concept applies in all sorts of situations.  A new job, leading a big project, starting a business, parenting, cooking something you haven’t before, trying a new exercise or sport, etc.

So, try something new today.  Even if it’s a new recipe.  But, take the risk.  It’ll make you happier, create some great memories, and you might even find out new things about yourself!