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Why I’m Obsessed With Your Armpits

If you’ve ever taken a class with me, you have heard me talk about your armpits more than once.  I know it’s a little odd, but once you find what I mean, you feel a huge difference in how you’re doing whatever exercise you’re doing.  But you may not understand what happened, so I thought […]


It’s all about the opposition…

By now, you know that Pilates is supposed to be hard.  It doesn’t often look that way, but you know the internal work and the quest for proper muscle activation and alignment makes it so challenging. But sometimes you’re in class and you know that the exercise you’re doing is feeling too easy. You have […]


A Little Bit of Pilates History

Around 2000, Pilates exploded on to the scene. Suddenly, we were surrounded by Mari Winsor infomercials, celebrity endorsements, and Pilates studios popping up all over town. But, where did this method come from?  And why did it suddenly appear? The method began with Joseph Pilates.  Born in 1883 in Germany, he was a sick child […]