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Celebrate with us!

Who doesn’t love a chance to celebrate?!  Especially when we’re celebrating ourselves, our strength, our beauty, our accomplishments, and our powerful bodies! Benjamin Degenhardt started March MATness in 2013 as a way to liven up his social media accounts, and it took off!  Now, people from around the world participate – it’s become a THING. […]


The Exercises We LOVE…part 4

So, all of the exercises we’ve talked about are great, but how often do we roll like a ball or sit in stomach massage position outside of Pilates class? The last of my favorite exercises that I want to share with you is marching on the Ped-a-Pul.  It’s standing and highlights any imbalance that will […]


The Exercises We Love…Part 3…

Hilary here again… Another of my favorite exercises is Big Twist on the Wunda Chair. The Wunda Chair is such a simple piece of equipment, and yet it can provide so much challenge because it’s so small.  And Big Twist, also known as Barbie (and probably other names too), combines the most wonderful challenge with […]


The Exercises We LOVE the Most…Part 2…Nick

From Nick… One of my favorite level one exercises is the Stomach Massage flow. It’s a primal exercise that is difficult to master, but provides plenty of strengthening and stretching along the way. We call it Stomach Massage because it’s an internal massage of the organs and a internal shower of the lymphatic system. Basically, […]


The Exercises We LOVE the Most

In honor of “Love Day” this month (this is what my son’s favorite show calls it), I thought we’d share the exercises we love the most with you! For this week, it’s my favorite mat exercise… If you’ve ever taken my mat class, you know that I LOVE Rolling Like a Ball.  There’s something so […]